Wednesday, July 21, 2010

orange smoke

Sometimes, when there's smoke, there's curtain

orange smoke

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pink Monday -definitely not a drag

The carnival is in town, and yesterday was its 'Pink Monday', on which traditionally all the gays and drag queens come. Having lived in both cities, i can say that the Tilburg drag queens rival those of New York in sheer flawlessness.


Ever since having met Aqua in the Meat Packing District (ironic place to meet a drag queen, n'est-ce pas?), who had goldfish-filled aquariums instead of boobs in her fabulous outfit, i've had a weak spot for drag that has over time developped into an admiration. Not only is it hard and technically difficult work to be a drag queen, it is also very brave socially. Without touching on the sexual aspect, just to be that loud and out in a society that values 'normal' above all, is a cool and fragrant breeze on an oppressing day. What i love most about it is how basic and innocent it really is; boys dressing up as girls, girls as boys, crossing lines and creating their own aesthetic. No one gets hurt (except for the waxing) and people's perspectives get flipped for a sec. Often, it illicits wonderful responses in people.


And i admire the aesthetic itself too. I used to think they just failed spectacularly at looking like women, but i've come to realize that's not the point at all. Men are too big and broad to look like women; it's about exaggerating that, with huge heels, endless shoulders and vast hair. So it's based on the principle that when something is too much and you can't take away, just add more till it's right. I like that idea.


For someone like me who dresses to not impress and whose main aesthetic is to make things simpler, these beautiful drag queens represent an opposite of a spectrum that shows there's always more than 1 option, more than either/or. I love that.

Oh, and i had a bit of a crush on this one, who literally stood out


More on the carnival here:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My friend Karin has ridiculously beautiful eyes




Thursday, July 1, 2010