Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

zip up

zip up
Photo by Georgina Miller

british racing green

Immigration is about more than moving to another country, isn't it? It's also about acclimatizing to another culture, realizing how much of your personality is based on your culture and how you can learn from the perspective of another. Though i have spectacularly failed to learn how the English breakfast is something you can eat in the morning, or fish'n'chips is something you can eat at all, i have been learning about the word 'innit' (fantastic), the sociological status of 'slags' and 'chavs' (confusing, i keep calling them 'skavs'), how drinking tea without milk is considered 'european' (and 'gay'), and about driving on the wrong side of the road (very confusing, especially on roundabouts).

It is this driving that has helped me with a new understanding, namely that of British Racing Green.

speed green

I used to not be able to associate racing with the color green. Green is too subdued a color, to mellow, too relaxed -especially that dark type green they call racing green. But then we went for a drive through the country side this week, and where the Dutch green is mostly horizontal and at ground level, the British green is everywhere

tunnel of green and light

and with a spirited driver, it whooshes past in vibrant patterns and colors, wavy and yes, speedy

waves in hedge

or misty

green mist

or like a tree of racing green light

tree of light at speed

So i might never understand blood sausage for breakfast, or why you would weigh in stones, or having two separate taps for hot and cold water, but i've learned to love the contradiction of being rude in an extremely civilized way, of having enormous glasses of beer on any occasion, and this week, i think i got the spirit of British Racing Green

the spirit of racing green

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

olympic torch in Tooting with Jordan Dalrymple

After a visit from a fiery fuzzball from Greece this weekend, today we got a visit from some other Greek flame: the torch went by right near our house.

jordan dalrymple jogs

Carrier of the torch was a man with a beautiful name and an even better smile, Jordan Dalrymple

jordan dalrymple and flame

the flame was passed to him by Peter Crammer -and about a zillion bodyguards

peter crammer runs

but the passing of the flame was very sweet and no body needed guarding


passing the flame to jordan dalrymple 2

the police was obviously present

police van

but they seemed to be enjoying the event too -here they are asking Tim Henman for a picture

tim henman

tim henman poses with cops

but really, it was far too nice a day to be running with a flame. These people had the right idea and took their bicycles instead

entourage on bicycle

safety freediver course

Stavros Kastrinakis, Liv Philip and i organized a safety freediver course this weekend in London. It is a new course, based on our experience as safety divers, and this was its first outing. It was a great success, in that we had a nice group of people (and Gary)

safety course

we managed to convey some technical aspects, like a good grip on an athlete (or how to shut up Liv)

how to shut up liv


let the students perform tons of rescues

rescue 2

safety 1

rescue 4

rescue 6

did rescue breaths -some professional

rescue breaths

some less so


but what was most impressive was that i was repeatedly rescued by a girl half my size (literally) -while i was wearing 5 kilos of lead and fully exhaled. Massive respect for Becky, who has only been diving for a very short time.

becky rescues me

She proves that being a safety diver expands your freediving -it shows you how much more you're capable of.

Plus, also the mark of success, we had fun

gareth lounges

and we had beauty

george semi-seated

PS if i seemed harsh on Gary earlier, it's only cos i is well jealous he is so pretty, innit

gary is pretty

he also took some of the pics here. Surprising, for this is what usually happens when you give him a camera

gary says hi again

gary says hi

Thursday, July 19, 2012

alley portraits

Why are alleys always dark in movies? I was in quite a light one today. Though i did meet some interestingly alley-cliché characters. There was a man with hose

hoes in the alley

a hot chick

hot chick in alley

and a dodgy character who reassured me grass boas were going to be 'the next thing'

grass boa

By the way -alleyway- being the dodgiest character in an alley made me feel a little like being the oldest in a room -not sure if it's a good thing. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

lovely little shit

I think i get ornithologists -though i need spell check to get their name right- but when it comes to birds, i do have distinct preferences/prejudices. For example, no matter what my friend Cara says, pigeons are assholes. Crows, on the other hand, are at least 11 different kinds of awesome. Somehow eagles are fuckers, but falcons rule. Don't get me started on the stupidity of owls, yet there's one that lives on the ground that is fantastic. And though a blackbird's song is probably the animal equivalent of a news broadcast and very funny, they're nasty beasts, whereas sparrows are so hip they hop.

And then there's the Robin, which is like a sparrow, but proudly orange. Every time i work in someone's garden and one of these little guys drops in, it makes me smile. Not afraid at all, come sit right on your spade while you're digging. But usually they're too fast for me to get out the little camera. Today, however, one was so bold, he posed for me sideways

robin on twig

gave me a cheeky little over-the-shoulder

robin over shoulder

an intimate 3 quarter

robin portrait

and even did a Roger Moore

robin front

Then he shat on George. Twice. Brilliant bird, that was.


Monday, July 16, 2012

the Riddick moth

So yes, i came across that alien from that Vin Diesel movie today, what's it called again, where he plays a strong-but-silent type? Wait, that doesn't narrow it down... He's an ex-convict? Still doesn't narrow it down, does it. Ehm, so, yes, alien, he kicks ass, has funky goggles, plays a dude called Riddick? Nah, not the chronicles one, the one that's less pretentious, more full-on unashamed B-movie. Featuring this monster:

riddick moth

So i was all meeting it head-on, like in the movie, cos he can't see right in front of him with the big wide head thing

riddick moth 2

turns out he ain't aggressive at all -kinda like a hammerhead, only then even more alien (go figure)

riddick moth 5

Somebody needs to tell Vin about this. What was that movie called again?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Polly and Molly

It was not a good week for dogs. Last friday my parents had to put their dog, Pollux aka Pollonia the low pony, to sleep. She was my favorite wimp, nervous but sweet


fastest dog we ever had

pollux vol gas

and also a real beauty when she relaxed a little

pollux vloer

plus we were close - we both have legs always sticking out

all your legs in one basket

she petted me much as i did her


and then earlier this week my girl's parents had to put Molly, my favorite blonde, to sleep. She was golden in the literal sense of the word

molly the golden

and older than gold -she was a still sprightly 14 when i met her

molly in motion

and we instantly became friends -perhaps not as close as she was with Pipin

molly and pip sleeping

but still, she was kind enough to tolerate my teasing, and even my singing

as you can see, she became more and more fond of (and less and less distinguishable from) the carpet in her old age

molly on carpet

until in my last portrait of her, at age 16, she'd almost merged with it

olden golden

Polly and Molly, two very different, very distinguished, very beautiful souls.

molly side

pollux portrait