Friday, June 29, 2012

Cretan craniums

the main challenge in Crete wasn't so much keeping people safe while freediving, it was to take a good, non-ridiculous portrait of Greg Borel. I failed spectacularly

le borel fantastique

though not by lack of trying


hitching a ride there is Remy, who looks like a movie star and is therefor quite easy to take sexy pictures of

remy moviestar

though his movements can be erratic

remy and bigass boats 2

and nobody looks good with water distortion -unless you're distorted already

remy reads apnea

but i do like to think i captured the dome-like essence of the beauty that is international god of song  Peter Boivie's head

st peter's dome

and Stavie's inner (and now outer) cookie monster

stav cookie monster

talking about cookies, the Brotherhood of the Spaghetti is much in favor of them

the cookie eaters

but who knew that Guillaume was actually Jim Carrey?

guillaume ventura pet detective

and who knew you could resuscitate a sock?

gary resuscitates sock

or at least try -apparently, it's not pleasant

gary and sock

Heimlich maneuver can be pleasant, depending on your position

with gary

Jean Paul was getting into potentially wet positions

jean paul exploding wave 2

and our favorite horny monkey Giannis into any position he could -though he seems to have gone from favoring sticking his peepee into, well, anything, to getting his nose into dangerous situations

giannis about to get his nose chopped off

and his tongue into inexplicable places

giannis licked something

the greeks are like that, evidenced by this statue of a butt sniffer

statue of butt sniffing

whereas the brits are happy to be anywhere where it doesn't rain

spacks on the beach

doesn't matter if there are pirates there or not

bikini pirates of the mediterranean

so when it came to taking Greg's portrait, i was more Clark Kent than Superman

clark kent

but i did manage to get one portrait that i liked, of the local Diogenes, who took care of all the strays in the town


so only one good, non-ridiculous portrait: that's not a very big number. Here's what Pana thinks about size

pana and carrot

Cretan critters

forgot to blog about the fantastic beasties of Crete, but there were plenty. There was your regular beach bum

beach mop

fleeing from the sun was sergeant Pooper

sergant pooper

and the David Bowie of cats

red cat blue eye

plus this guy you wouldn't want to mess with

tomcat on roof

lest you'd wanna end up looking like this

cat after fight

then there was the Tom Cruise of crickets

cricket impossible

who says hi, by the way

cricket says hi

the insects were impressive, not just by size, but also because they made it all the way to the middle of the ocean. This is a mosquito from below in the sea

mosquito from below

and we had a brief visit in the blue sea by the blue dragonfly, who sang about how Mrs Blue Dragonfly treated him badly

dragonfly and the mighty fuzzball

but i was most impressed -perhaps slightly obsessed- by the swallows, who did this low flyby thing

low flying swallow

low flying swallow 8

maybe to practice ringing the doorbell of the ENT when they have trouble swallowing

swallow about to ring doorbell

and then at the end of the day they came to the pool for a dip

dip and swallow

fantastic place, Crete, with some fantastic beasties.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

moth both

"who are you?" asked the moth
"dancer on air, eater of cloth?"
"fly of dust, butterfly goth?"
"minute bat, or sand behemoth?"
"why chose?" she then quoth
"surely i'd be neither, if i can't be both"

moth both

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

last day in Crete

It was all about filming. A French crew was there

cameraman and buddy

documenting Guillaume's every move

filming guillaume

gui and crew

and rightfully so, for he's our golden boy

gui from below 2

but then Tranny got all petulant because he didn't get enough attention

tranny in the mist

so Rémy filmed him too

remy filming tranny

and on the boat i told him he could have a nice strawberry lolly once we reached the shore, which placated him

with tranny
picture by Chloé Villaume

but then Gui got all jealous

guillaume kicks

so we gave him some oxygen, which turned him back into his usual rockstar self

guillaume rocks the decompression line

it's strange to see how the TV crew transformed people, though; Tranny became Mr Showbiz

tranny plays the snorkel

Chloé turned into a man backwards

chloe transformed

but Gui remained his cool self

guillaume orange glasses

stars are used to the gaze, i reckon.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

bubble magic

i accidentally made magic today

water air light

a second before it looked like this

bubble ring below

and a second after it broke

bubblering interupted

but for a split second i stumbled into the exact right place, and my little camera clicked at the exact right time.