Saturday, December 31, 2011

lessons learned in 2011

it was another mad year

bien cross eyed

met some interesting smelling characters

dancing nose to nose

saw some interesting things

the elephant in the subwaystation 2

and it turns out that god is indeed a DJ

q-day dj

and drives a fiat

god drives a fiat

but some of the land was designed by Miro

miro in the rocks

and some plants by Freud

Freud's figleaf

this is how cherries ought to be eaten

all cherries on deck

though you can always complain about a lack of condiments

cat and condiments

some pants are very boogie woogie

boogie woogie pants

some are unforgivable

questionable pants

and that's not a snorkel in my pants -i'm just happy to see you


talking about pants, them Brits be well classy, innit?

tranny classy

especially when pole-dancing with a parasol

gary the rockstar poledancing

and the Frenchies do mysterious things with their thumbs to British women

guillaume and the girls

the Dutchies don't need fingers for nose-picking


or suits for static

naked statics 2

but they do appreciate the classic girl in dress

checkin' out the girl in the red dress

the Greeks have some deep glasses

stav and the deepest glass in the world

their boats almost fly

boat almost airborn

it is a lot of work keeping Santorini white

keeping santorini white

and this happens when they fart:

what happens when stavros farts

which gets them in all sorts of Darwin Award-winning trouble

fireworks darwin award 3

they have interesting ways of dealing with nature

tree growing out of store

though the Austrians of course take a different approach

chris dealing with the tree in the store

goats like a day at the beach -provided there is some shade

goat on beach

cats can play peek-a-boo

johnston peekaboo

dogs can conduct

pippin beggin' 2

so can my nephew

boet conducts

extensive investigations were done into the phenomenon of water

greg borel international man of mystery

turns out it's extremely fun

iru in pool

you can jump around in it

happy in the fountain

and play hula hoop with buble rings

through the ring

and pee in it, for yellow is as yellow does

B-vitamin urinal

which brings us to the unexpected melancholy of a solitary toilet roll

the infinite melancholy of a lonely toilet-roll in the evening

on a lighter note, there is such a thing as a convivial birdie, for all your action, music and penholder needs


and Bee Town has a new sheriff

luke dixon, sherrif of bee town

What else was up in 2011?

what's up puppy

well, this is where music comes from

where music comes from

and rain only adds to the rock'n'roll of it

you can sing under my umbrella

the king is dead and the emperor is still looking for his balls

johnston checking his balls

god might be in the details

embroidered mary tears detail

but the devil is in my eyebrow

lucifer eyebrow square

so grooming is extra important


streets can become pregnant

taking the groceries home

feeding babies do some existential things to you -which can't be good

daisy being fed

but it's always good to curl up with a friend

molly and pip sleeping 3

and you can't have too many party horns

christina toots

Have a wondrous 2012.

Dedicated to those who went around the corner in 2011

around the corner

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

december light

So the lights are about to go out on the 21st, only to be reborn soon after, but in the 5 minutes they shone this month i ran outside to try and capture it. I wasn't alone there -bugs were still around, mid-december

december bugs

even though there was frost on the ground

frost on ground

and on the moss

frost on moss

though most of the leaves had fallen

leaf alone

some green tried to persevere

grass and leaves

as did some red

reb berries cold day

it reminded me of Dylan Thomas; it raged, raged against the dying of the light

light and glass