Sunday, September 18, 2011

pretty freedivers part II

There's so many of them -they keep popping from all over the world. The French Englishman Greg Borel was looking tres fabulous -even in pink- at registration

greg borel at registration

Fine Fin distributor of licorice Jonerik in his cowboy best


a lot of ridiculing adjectives can be used for German hair, but in the case of Ilka and this light, it plays well together


talking about hair, undisputed champ is Samo from Slovenia

samo at registration

i mean, it's heavenly -it's got a halo

samo backlit

though Max from Sweden has a pretty cool fro going from him too

max hair

and even eyelashes can be backlit

freediver backlit

oh backlit,'s Czech Alena's back lit

alena profile

and Czech Jarmilla's front

jarmilla smiling

lovely smile award is a split between French Solenn


and Swedish Åsa


and i thought the prettiest was Guillaume Nery

guillaume nery

but it is Greece's George

big george sexy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pretty freedivers

Kalamata is filled with them. For example, Iru, from South America somewhere


And Jody from Australia -who's hair catches fire around dusk


and from a bit further down under, the sultry kiwi Chris Marshall (to whom i'm quite partial)

chris marshall sultry

and Ken, who's not Barbie-like at all with his exotic looks but actually is Danish


from Åland, Ingela Pingela, who's pretty serious

ingela serious

and pretty retarded

ingela less serious

From Japan we have the superstylish Ryuzo


and in his team there's the Japanese version of Audrey Hepburn

japanese audrey hepburn

even the Eastern Europeans are pretty


and our Russian champ is flawless as usual


but the prettiest of them all so far is of course Le Marc

marc lenoir at dusk

but next week the Swedes arrive, and they're notoriously perfect. And some more frenchy Frenchness is coming. And i have yet to capture some of them fine Brits.To be continued.