Friday, December 31, 2010

lessons learned in 2010

1. When one door opens, my nephew is probably behind it


2. Holding a stick can make you so happy your eyes will cross

cross eyes jeeves

3. i heart toilet seats

i heart toilet seats

4. My cousins heart each other

piet and jaap

5. With good friends, you don't need noseclips


6. And good friends don't shrink from being tumble dried

tumble dried friends

7. But they might not all appreciate my friendly bum-patting


8. Alcoholism isn't restricted to humans


9. Dressing up to go down is fun


10. Freediving isn't at all extreme, compared to

wall of death daredevil

11. Peter Boivie is Swedish Rockstar of the year

Peter at computer

12. Loveliness is close to saintliness


13. My true love is Golden

molly the golden

14. Marc is an extremely cool cat

Poseidon, by Georgina

15. Not all sheep are sheepish

not all sheepish

16. A plant will beat a dragonfly in an arm wrestling match

red dragonfly armwresteling green plant

17. The devil's pulpit isn't a good place to do a sermon when you have vertigo


18. At the end of a day, a sunset can warm your heart no matter how big of a cliche it is



sunset and rain over Gullmarsfjorden

In loving memory of Oekie, Johan and Nanky Pooh

nanky pooh on the move

Friday, December 24, 2010


After the shortest day of the year, 'twas the time for some light. So we set off to Winter Wonderland, where they do lights unabashedly

winter wonderland

and the stars shine

wonderland star

though some disturbingly so

james dean disturbing

and others explodingly so

the eye of wonderland 2

Now some people might not enjoy this sort of thing

the joys of working in wonderland

but it can be quite lovely

the wonderpond

Friday, December 17, 2010

heart ripped out

don't worry, not my heart

heart ripped out

and not my blood either

new blood

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

apple down

apple down

Did a practice dive for the Superman apple project, and i liked the footage, especially in combination with this song that had been on my mind for something like this dive. So i made another video, kind of the darker brother of the superman vid. But it is an odd combination, the semi-seriousness of this all, done with apple in mouth.

Friday, December 10, 2010

blue llight

I love these happy little accidents you get while playing sometimes (does that make me sound like Bob Ross?)

Here's one i call Diver

blue light- diver

and this one happened that looked like Bubblerings

blue light- Bubblerings

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new World Record!!!

As an extreme adventurer, i have set many a record, most of them probably unbreakable -who would ever dare taking a floaty noodle deeper, spin faster underwater, or swim further upside down? But of all these great achievements, perhaps my most cherished was the deepest apple ever eaten on a single breath, without the use of fins. It was an accumulation of all my talents, and my apotheosis into legend.

However, that record was broken.

As you can clearly see, the little fucker who broke the record -Felix Adolfsson his cursed name be- cheated, for he didn't have the apple in his mouth during neither descent nor ascent. Nor did he have the guts to film it himself. And he only broke it by 2 meters.

So after a time of considerable depression and Rodney Dangerfield levels of "I don't get no respect" (the groupies who naturally flock towards these kind of earth shattering achievements had flapped away and my many sponsors withdrew) i pulled myself out of the black hole this sordid affair had left me with just one thought: to reclaim what was rightfully mine in a way that would leave no doubt as to who was the undisputed king of Constant Apple No Fins. I would double what he'd done. I'd go down to 20.

Now eating an apple at 20 meters is not for the faint of heart. Merely considering it takes cojones the size of, well, apples. But this is why i am an extreme adventurer, my mind can go to these places -and my balls will follow. I envisioned not only a dive to 20, but doing it in a way and an outfit suitable for the grandness of the occasion.

In order to achieve this enormously ambitious plan, i prepared for months, getting together a crew of top notch professionals, sparing no expense, and eating literally tens and tens of apples. I honed my diving skills and did nightly visualizations. Since i'm breaking new grounds here, there are no other experts, but everyone i talked to about this project said it'd be impossible. Well, impossible is my middle name! (actually, my middle names are Petrus Johannes -the request to have them adjusted is still being processed)

All the preparations came together Friday December the 3rd, along with experts from 4 different countries, in the 20 meter deep pool in Siegburg, Germany, called dive4life . The glorious and graceful outcome you can see here:

Now that it is done, i am quite content with the outcome, and a little surprised as well. You see, not only did i break the record i intended to break -and break it hard- i also broke 2 other ones. That's the deepest rescue of bikini bottoms no fins you'll ever see, and i officially created the world biggest camel toe. I'd like to see anyone try and beat this

super bikini man

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the dark month

Sounds like a really long Batman film, doesn't it? The dark month. But it has begun, sun is about to die only to be reborn a few days later, and so far, the dark has been delicious

brook at sunset

at amsterdam central

hints of grey

Let me ease into this grey thing

orange on blue

orange on blue 2