Thursday, August 23, 2012

the many faces of Nat

Meet Natalie, part freediver

nat fim

part ninja

ninja nat

part fish

nat among the fishes

part monkey

nat monkey

part dancer

nat dances

part space oddity

nat and the odd move on the line

part barracuda charmer

nat and luda II

part inverse torpedo

nat enters the empire of fish

all free

nat hangs II

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luda, your friendly neighborhood barracuda

Barracudas have a bad rep, mainly due to their dodgy smile

luda teeth highlight

and while i have encountered some that are indeed of the asshole variety, here in Sharm there is a particularly nice one called Luda


not only is she very nice, she's also very photogenic, and she doesn't mind posing -though i managed to find a wrong angle for her

not ludas best angle

but she's cool with people about, even an idiot like myself

self with luda

but she prefers to hang with the little fish under the platform

luda and platform

and i reckon she a romantic soul, for every once in a while she wanders off from the group

luda and the school

and into the sunset

luda into sunset

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

at play in the empire of light

Back in the empire of light, where the fish rule

fish and light

after the goddess created them

and georgina created fish

lots of them

fishball in the light

 to play with

georgina and the band of fish

because play is important for light

georgina upside down in light

and being light is important for play

stav and ring

so we might need more air than the fish

blue light and air

and we might have something to do with sea-levels rising

stav holding the sea level up

but at least we're very good at cheating during tight-rope walking

cheating at tightrope walking 5

Sunday, August 5, 2012

freediving the UK's biggest pool

Went for a dip yesterday in one big-ass pool, Tooting Bec Lido, which is endless

georgina head on

georgina checks out the endless blue

or officially, 100 yards (91.44 meters). It is an open air pool, which you also notice when you dive in

georgina about to dive

dive and steps

for you'll instantly freeze your nuts off, whether you have them or not. But once you're used to being thermally castrated, you start to enjoy the view -clear water which just dissolves into blue

tooting bec lido

georgina swims away 3:4

the place is 106 years old now, and houses the spirit of Rothko

swimming through a rothko

who sometimes also plays with Monet in there

georgina off into the endless blue

and Whistler is in one of its corners

georgina in corner

it's multi-dimensional

dimensions in blue and green 3

very light and blue and green

bubbles and light 2

with the occasional hint of red

blue green light and georgina and a bit of red

perfect place to go flying

georgina flying

or just hang out and enjoy the big horizontal blue

georgina in the middle

you do need a suit though -or be a lesser wimp than i am.

Here's the set: