Friday, November 9, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

an old friend

Shook hands with an old friend last week

daan basketball

I played when i was a kid, so much so that i ended up injuring myself. Kept playing with the injury, got worse, in the end it required surgery and i had to give it up. Broke my heart, as well as my knees.

But i never got over the feel and sound of a 'nothing but net', when you shoot and the ball goes in perfectly, not even hitting the ring, making the net go 'swoosh'. It is the sound of truth, that is.

I've made visits to my old friend in the past, always taking care not to get too excited, not to expect too much, keep in mind that, though our friendship is only just mature, my knees are pensioners. I always forgot and ended up limping. Last week, it seemed i was finally mature enough to be a pensioner -i walked away, rather than limped. I came back a few days later, shot a few, missed a lot, got some, got 2  swooshes in a row, and it made my day. Swoosh, and walk away. I'd love to dunk again but i'm too old for that shit.

Of course, Leonard Cohen said it better: "I ache in the places where i used to play." Love, even rusty, tends to be worth the pain, though.

PS i love this version of the song:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

jumping through bubble rings

As Patron Saint of Bubble Rings® i have to jump through many hoops -which i do with pleasure