Thursday, December 25, 2008

Note on the Angel Oak

The previous post got the following response:

" Jack Gescheidt said...
I came across your website/blog posting about the Angel Oak (AO) and thought you should know she is in jeopardy and could use your help:

The Angel Oak is currently threatened by a multi-acre 600-housing unit development. While developers claim they won't cut down the Angel Oak itself, they WILL clear cut thousands of trees and hundreds of acres of the surrounding buffer forest and filling in a wetlands that supports wildlife. They do not even mention this in their plans, but instead say only that they won’t kill the Angel Oak.” They either don’t understand or won’t admit, that the surrounding forest has for centuries protected the magnificent Angel Oak from weather and too much human attention (climbing, graffiti, fire risk, et. al.) It is not just a solitary living organism, but an integral part of an ecosystem now facing this major threat,

The massive development will inevitably, eventually, lead to the death of the Angel Oak tree, be it in years or decades is impossible to predict.

A website with more infornation about this disaster in the works has been set up by locals:

Visit it, sign up for email updates, sign the petition, and help preserve the Angel Oak Tree—and the surrounding forest it is a part of—for many more human generations.


Jack Gescheidt
Founder, The TreeSpirit Project

December 25, 2008 1:52 AM"

Any being this wonderful needs to not merely survive, but thrive. Please click here to help.

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Jack Gescheidt said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Dan.
I'm happy to continue the conversation w/o cluttering your fine blog further. My direct email is:
Jack Gescheidt