Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bookwurm

This is the Bookwurm, by Carl Spitzweg. Saw a print of it in a picture a couple of weeks ago and it took me a while to find out what it was and by whom, so i'm glad to have scratched that particular itch. What struck me about the painting, besides that wonderful character and the great bookshelves, was the light. Now that i know more details, i like it even better. For example, he browsing through the metaphysics section.

I also really like the name of the town where Spitzweg was born. It's a place called Unterpfaffenhofen, which kinda sounds like sneaking a smoke underneath some giant lady's underwear. He studied to be a pharmicist there, so he could've been Unterpfaffenhofen's pharmacist, a word-combination that makes my nose produce strange involuntary noises.

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jade said...

Wow. Dear Whoever you are, please give me one of those book shelves.... Lovely pic. Amazing athmospere out of this picture.