Thursday, October 29, 2009

second PB of the week

Saw Mr. van Reet Pape this wednesday for a bit of a training session. Wanted to do a 125+ dynamic using the kick'n'glide technique, but the new suit Eric brought from Kerian Hibbs felt so good, that i just kept going.


SeBiArt said...

Passion drives - and you're very likely to have your own safety divers soon while you glide to depths well beyond your national record. Dean's Blue Hole here you come!

On another note - you really like R L Burnside! You know I was obsessed with one of their songs over the summer: Shuck Dub. Choreographed a little something to it too. I'd share it if my iTunes/iPod issue didn't still exist. Humpf!!!
Anyhoo - you can take a listen here:

PS - I'm still waiting for my song titles Mr!

jade said...

Holy shit. That was nice nice nice nice. If only there was that music underwater you would hit the other side. Great great job. My hat's off to you.