Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Fat Bastard 3

After the very much failed experiment of BFB, or Big Fat Bastard, my first serious attempt at a heavy neckweight, it took me a while to do the whole undertaking of building another one. It's quite hard work, making a neckweight, and i'm lazy. Plus it takes some skills, and i ain't got many.

But then i noticed how much i benefitted from more weight when i borrowed someone else's, so i kinda fiddled around with an old neckweight and put a pouch on it, thus creating BFB2: even fatter. At his heaviest he was 5,96 kilos, and i had to pack 35 times to not bury myself in the floor of the pool. I put it on a slight diet to 5,5-ish, and actually did alright with it, but it was a Frankenstein's monster of a thing. And it kept breaking. And i couldn't really streamline with it.

I never really understood how the Danish built their neckweights, skinny by the shoulders and a big fat lump under the chin, but in Berlin i was fortunate enough to see zen-master Jesper Stechmann make one, and finally understood the procedure. So i got a new moped tyre, used the click-thing from BFB2, cut open BFB2 for the led, used 6 tie wraps, inflated the tyre (that was the trick) to make the lump, wrapped it in 12 meters of electrical tape and had me a new BFB. Took 2 hours, some serious sweating and mild cursing, but in the end it was Big Fat Bastard 3: BFB does Denmark. 5,13 kilos. If it holds up in the pool, i hope to do well with it.


Glenn Venghaus said...

Can you make a "how to build a BFB" manual on our forum, with some pictures etc? I think this is interesting stuff and I have been struggling with neckweights as well as have most other freedivers I know.

Stuart said...

Hi Daan - yeah I'm interested too! I can see how its difficult to streamline with a fat neck weight as it hinders proper position of the arms over the head, but doesn't having all the weight by your chin make it difficult to tuck your head in - or am I missing something here?

So - can we have a mini series on how to build your own BFB!

Daan said...

Hey sirs,

I should've documented the process; it's probably going to be a while before i make another one -they're a bitch to make.

As for tucking my chin, it fits right in between my chest and my chin, so i get a good streamline for dynamics, but i'd never use this one for constant weight, as it is far too heavy and impossible to get your chin into a good equalizing position with.

Sorry i can't be of more help -next time i'll make a video. The secret, though, is using a pump to inflate the tyre. Get the clip on, tie the tube down to where you want the lead to start, fill 'r up, and inflate until the lead's in the fat bit.