Thursday, May 6, 2010

why did the chicken wear the pants?

It needed more plockets.

A couple of weeks ago, i thought i saw a chicken wearing baggy pants.

chicken wearing pants

Now it was disgustingly early in the morning, plus i was tired from filling up and hauling boxes like you do when you move to another house, and it was only a passing glance as i was in a bus, so i figured it was more likely my brain had gone to sleep a bit again and i had a semi-waking dream, rather than having actually seen a chicken in pants. I texted a friend about it, saying that if i saw a giraffe with a tie, i'd take a day off.

But last week i had to move my bike to the new place, so i figured i might as well ride it there, and because the image had stuck with me, i decided to take the same route as the bus, on the off chance that i'd be able to check if i had been dreaming or not. What i saw was this:

Now it is very obvious Mother Nature has a healthy and bizarre sense of humor, but i'm kind of hoping this is one of man's creations, like the chihuahua. Or maybe it's the answer to why the chicken crossed the road: to get a pair of pants.

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