Thursday, November 25, 2010

colors of the Ardennes

My quest for beating the November greys brought me to the Ardennes last week, where i feared to see autumn at its most ruthless -but that turns out to be quite pretty


and surprisingly, despite cold and mist, there was still lots of green


the most spectacular forms of green coming from the much loved moss, which was everywhere, from hanging on trees


to just hanging

moss hanging

to taking over entire hills


The house we were staying in was mostly about red


window in pizzashed

which was very warm and comfortable


But what struck me was that i grew to quite like some of the greys over time




Grey can be very impressive


Maybe i'll concentrate next month on December's contrasts and focus on black and white, for maybe the cure for grey is to love it -the lovely part in this picture i think is the grey mist

forrest in mist


SeBiArt said...
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SeBiArt said...

GORGEOUS photos - my God Daan - you were amazing already but these are just ridiculous! This time I seriously cannot pick a favourite one. When I look at your photos I remember how much you love doing this and the excited joy and wonderment you exude when taking pictures - and how that brought the love back to my embittered heart 18 months ago. :) When I look at your photos I remember anew my love of photography. Thanks for the constant inspiration.