Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the light of spring

I heard today that springtime is on average 17 days earlier than it used to be, and this year they're even expecting it 3 weeks sooner. Now i'm not sure how they measure the arrival of spring -i'm assuming that march 21st hasn't moved that much, though it would be funny if March 3rd was now followed by the 21st instead of the 4th- but i measure it by the light, and for the last 2 days, we've had spring.

But don't peg me on it


This guy was basking in it too

crow on a chimney

as was this one was riding high on it


and even these buggers were early with their dance

bugs and flare 2


SeBiArt said...

Rejoice dear Daan - the ORANGE IS BACK! yayyyyyyyy

GDB1975 said...

Ja, de terrassen zijn weer open, dan weet je dat de lente is begonnen.

By the way: jij volgt mijn blog!?! Haha, niet het standaard publiek dat ik voor ogen had.