Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a colorful week

Upon reflection

garden reflections

it was an incredibly colorful week

red leaves

which you'd expect when you hang with gardeners

mass and flowers

fuchsia and drops

but i was thinking more of this

bag of roots

and this

the garbage monster

but even there you'll see some fantastic things

a marriage of green bottles

heron amongst garbage

merely getting around was colorful

til i bus

and often painterly

battersea and monet

there were some blues Miles Davis could have worked with

blue drops and pot

blue swirl

and some blues that were yellow (don't wanna know why)

yellow blue pool

some yellow quite mellow


But often the most colorful moments were those with the bugs

rosemary beetle

like this extremely green thing

green bug on brown shirt

or this huge one -who had an orange mouth, which i slightly envy

stag beetle

but as is often the case, red-hot red was hottest

george in red and light

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