Wednesday, October 5, 2011

freaky freedivers

ok, so now that there's some distance between them freedivers and me -in some cases several thousand miles- i can finally reveal that when god created freedivers, she made them freaky

and god created freaky fingers

they bend in weird ways

veera pretzel

they hang around in odd angles

rune at 90 degrees

get the most unlikely of tans

michael masktan

do strange puffing of the mouth

remy mouthfill

and, even freakier, it looks cute on some

estrella mouthfill

which might have something to do with their baby-butt shaped tongue

ronan and tongue

that comes out regularly

george and klara

though some attempts fail

greg and liv kiss

and when nothing's coming out, they try to put stuff in

christian and noodle

that, by the way, is not the freakiest thing about Christian -whose ears shine pink

christian has a pink ear

Some of them take a little too much pleasure in trying to break shit

grant about to break lanyard

which makes others cry

grant making jarmilla cy

Some look perpetually pissed off

randy andy pants of candy

and others ever-adorable

jesper in danish flag

There's disturbing facial hair going on (mine, for example, and this one's)


and disturbing facial features (mine again, but also this one)

gary iphone

They find medical posters hilarious

funny poster

but that might be due to the gasses they inhale

chris gas sniffer

But freaky though our bunch is, the chicks rock

girls frolicking on beach

and some dudes are so hot, they fart sparks

what happens when stavros farts

Long live freediving freaks, i say -hope to see you again soon.

PS Jody Fisher reminded me of the following, and she has a good poin:



vib.h.u said...

mesmerizing photoessay on your breed ;) love it. love your obsession with the last rays of the sun.
where is this, btw?

Daan Verhoeven said...

Thank you! These were mostly taken in Kalamata, Greece.