Tuesday, January 24, 2012

crazy creatures

Turns out that paradise makes its creatures quite bonkers. The wasps are twice as long

wasp nest

because of a champagne bottle in the middle

wasp with champagne bottle mid

there are bugs with sticks as eyebrows

bug with stick eyebrows

and some with carrots on their heads

bug with carrots on head

the dragon flies wanna hump pegs

dragonfly V

and the spiders have green asses with dots, white skull heads, and yellow legs with black furry pompoms

banana spider III

plus they're huge

banana spider VIII

and of course i'm gonna like orange butterflies, but this one took it to the next level: orange fur and even his eyes were orange

orange butterfly 8

what's really crazy cute though, is the lizards. Not only do they hang at strange angles

lizzard at angle 2

they play peek-a-boo

lizzard peekaboo minimum

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