Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chepstow man and the UK freedive team

Right after becoming an international movie star -or extra on an indie series of shorts, depending on whether you want to be realistic about it- i was happy to be back behind the camera, this time to photograph the British Freediving Team as they warmed up for the World Championship in Nice by freezing their butts off in the beautiful but arctic blue green of Chepstow

the blue green of chepstow

where the upside down man oversees his domain

the statue and the light

to have the lovely view of George going down

georgina down

and Liv Liv coming up

liv flies up

i figure he must have a good job, hanging under that platform, seeing all kinds of freedivers doing all kinds of things

becky at angles

underwater play IV

in all kinds of light

georgina and rays

rays and platform

plus he gets lots of love

getting cheeky with the statue

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