Friday, October 19, 2012

Cornelis Verhoeven, violence as inspiration

56 years ago today, my dad defended his thesis Symbology of the foot and got his doctorate. He always celebrated this day, more so than his birthday, so i try to honor this day by putting up a translation on his blog. This year i picked a passage from a book i've been trying to translate, 'Against violence', which is a magnificent brain breaker of an essay on a very worthy topic.

"In all its subtle and complicated morphology violence lies like a dark stain in our existence, collectively, individually and especially in the obscure transition areas between them. And it wouldn’t be violence, wouldn’t be ascendency, if that stain was merely put there by us and could be removed at our discretion. That’s why it is good to contemplate one’s powerlessness before speaking too strongly about violence."

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