Tuesday, January 29, 2013

snake on the steps

We had an interesting guest at the house this morning

snake and house

he (or she -it's rude to check) was about to come to the door when we walked out

snake climbing steps

but got shy once she (or he -still rude) figured out the house wasn't inhabited by fellow members of the serpentine brotherhood (or sisterhood -it's rude to check that as well) -but not too shy for a quick portrait

snake portrait

before heading back into the grass, where i couldn't resist another portrait

snake head up

it wasn't till she/he (snakes hiss, do female ones hers?) was gone and i got over the wonder of my first snake encounter as a photographer, that i realized i'd seen something quite special: someone without legs (or limbs) climbing steps. Certainly made for an intriguing subject

snake on steps 2


Styrola said...

He or she.
Here in Sweden they try to make us use this new Word that is hen.
Hen is a gender neutral word you should use so the militant feminist wont smack you up so insted of using han (him) or hon (her) you should use hen. This is to make Children not to Think in gender. I think

Silly Little Sheep said...

Beautiful!!! I checked and it looks like a smooth snake to me


Thia thing also states that smooth snakes are protected by law and that "it is an offence to disturb these snakes in any way" - such as to check whether they are he or she ! :)