Monday, February 23, 2009

And William dances with tigers

William Winram is a legend in the making; not only is he the deepest man in the no fins category on the American Continent and the first to swim through the arch without fins, he also excels in the pool, but more importantly, he's pleasantly deranged, and perhaps even better, he's a true sharkitarian. Is that a word? It should be. He dedicates much of his time and efforts to shark conservation and raising awareness that these creatures are being ruthlessly annihilated, simply because they have a bad image and the public doesn't see a problem with killing a 'killer'. William is here to prove you can play with these creatures, as evidenced by these wonderful pictures by Frederic Buyle:

William said that the shark in that last picture kept coming back to be petted. Notice how her eyes seem to have the slight squint of pleasure?

More on William on his webiste

More on Frederic Buyle on his website and his pictures

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