Friday, February 6, 2009

Greener on this side

I've never seen my backyard looking as green as it did this morning. It was the way the light hit it -and the lack of snow. That's not just a rather lame joke, i really do think grass is greener after it's been covered in snow. The cold must do something to the chloroplasts in the cells that makes them 'fresh' again, so to speak.

By the way, my backyard is suspiciously soft. As you can see, i share it with some moles, and i suspect if i jump around on the grass, i'll pay them an unexpected visit. But the grass does invite such jumping, as it is rather delicious on the soles, and the ground is so airy and bouncy that i might have to make acquaintance with my subterranean neighbours. Soles meet moles.

1 comment:

jade said...

How awesome to walk in your grass at first light with naket feet. Feeling the dewdrops. (shivers of pleasure).