Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fancy a fence with a hedge

Almost ran over a hedgehog with my car the other day. Managed to swerve so that he ended up right between my tyres, which must have been scary too, and quite a lot of noise, but hopefully not harmful. Hedgehogs should be the international symbol for peace instead of doves: doves are actually aggressive and nasty creatures, who'd attack you if they could. Hedgehogs get rid of pests and roll up into a prickly ball when under threat -which is pretty cool and only stupid if that threat is a ton of fast-moving metal.

After some research, though, i've learned that there are a few species of hedgehog who, due to warm conditions, don't have enough spines to be fully protected when they roll up, so some chose to run away, but some, and this is a really funny idea, attack. Imagine being attacked by a hedgehog; if you have a sword, it could be quite the fencing duel.

Do you think they knit in their spare time?

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jade said...

they are so cute. My grandma used to put a cup of milk in the garden for hedgehogs.