Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fighting a ferocious beast

How exactly i survived, i'm not sure; it's still a bit of a blur

But my house was invaded by a hairy monster this weekend, even hairier and more monstrous than i am, and we had a fierce battle

Now don't be deceived by the size and relative cutiseness off this beast

It was in fact a nuclear power driven hound from hell, aiming it's sharp fangs at my throat every chance it got

And it made repeated attempts to drown me in drool

At one point i hoped to have gained the upper hand

But then it had the upper paw again

After which it proceeded to almost gnaw my arm off

It was horrible, and i'm lucky to have survived it. I don't know how my aunt and uncle manage every day with this fury-hell-hath-not-for-it's-right-here-on-earth. They must have a wardrobe made entirely from asbestos.


glenn said...

Happy to see you survived this horrible brutal rutheless attack by this vicious creature.

All the best .


Anonymous said...

Wat een leuke fotoserie, ik zie het voor me. Denk je nog wel eens terug aan dat andere monster, in Wassenaar, Lientje? - Jacob van Sluis

jade said...

Interesting style this one. Cute dog two. I am sure it became a monster just by looking at you ;-)