Thursday, December 31, 2009

lessons learned in 2009

Stuff that i hope has made me one year wiser:

1: don't bend over in front of an archer:

2: freedivers cook differently:

which invariably leads to sex:

3: even the people you admire most suck sometimes:

4: details are fun:

5: it's good to have back-up:

6: some fairies are not to be messed with:

7: kids will fart -a lot- even when climbing on you:

and they WILL combine it with stepping into your crotch

8: two nectarines will fit quite comfortably:

9: time your ass-grabs wisely:

10: toiletpaper is not only good within the confines of the bathroom:

11: snow is cold -especially up your crack:

Happy new year, hope you have fun

(photo's by Rahel Zemoi, Karin Barten, Francine Kreiss, Chris Marshal, Peter Boivie and me)