Monday, December 14, 2009

Rockin' the morning 'do

Must have dreamt of Elvis, for when i woke up this morning, my hair was more Rock'n'Roll than i've ever seen it. Usually at that hour, because of the effects of chlorine, half my hair tries to get as far away from my head as possible, while the other half has given up and lies dead. And these halves mix, making for an often inexplicable, sometimes unforgivable mess. Not so this morning

Now the other weird thing about this spontaneous and irreproducible masterpiece is that, though it is very much Rock, it is also very much morning, a combination which seems paradoxical. Rock is a night thing, maybe evening, but mornings are definitely a non-presence. The most Rock'n'Roll thing you can do with mornings is to sleep through them, preferably in the arms of several people, some of whom will have to do quick math when asked for their year of birth. There's no morning rock concerts, no rock breakfast -unless you count tequila.

This 'do went against convention -which in and of itself is very Rock'n'Roll- and shaped itself into something very Elvis-the-Sun-years, before 9 am. Strange. Now if only my musical abilities would one day wake up like this.

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Scoop said...

um...happy birthday Elvis. hope you get out and do something more than examining your hair! ;)