Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the 8 that is a 10

October is a bit of a mad month, innit? It can combine the gentlest and warmest of light with the fattest and coldest of rains

october rain

or that very same lovely light with goddamn hail

hailstorm on steps on a sunny day

and even the saddest little tree can shine in this light and its reflection


while the gloriously big ones can blush beautifully at the thought of their impending nudity


The whole experience of october, not just that light fantastic or the crazy precipitation, but the air and the smell and the moodiness of it all, i think warrants at least a temple

the temple of autumn

where melancholy angels ponder whether hail is actually damned -and light sent- by god


or that it is just the stuff all these freaky spiders that crowd this month pull out of their arses

spun from light

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