Tuesday, October 12, 2010

gossip from Dahab

Because i'm a pro, i can't reveal my sources

the gossip

but some juicy stories came to the surface


the persistent story that fresh new world record holder Annelie Pompe and Halle Berry's stunt double Hanli Prinsloo are actually becoming one person -Hannelie Pomploo- was affirmed once again


Linda can actually smile

Linda and Canon

but it physically hurts her and she needs her middle finger to hold up the corners of her unwilling mouth

Linda as we know and love her

her male pet, Jacques, has taken over this habbit of flippin' the world


but the most shocking story about Linda is about her dog, Lua Flexi. It turns out that this seemingly fearless defender of the Freedive Dahab shop and fellow extreme adventurer to Paganelli is, in fact, afraid of water!!!

Lua Flexi Paganelli wants to be like mommy

Now if this isn't mind-blowing enough, the truely spectacular part is Linda's reaction to her canine representation of self's ironic phobia

Lua and Linda

She doesn't give Lua any shit about it! She's downright sympathetic! Could it be she actually has -i almost daren't say it- a... heart? Very disturbing, that.

Also disturbing: Chris Marshall's continuous eating

the coach and the breakfast

and perhaps even more so, you wouldn't believe what i'm doing to Hanli here

you wouldn't believe what i'm doing to Hanli here

and ultimately disturbing, this one enjoys statics


athletes' preparations for statics, by the way, can be classified into three categories

three types of preparation for static

but we all know the real athletes are the safety guys

blissful are those able to sleep on busses

By the way, Arjen and Adrian insist that, despite sleeping together, they're not a couple. Or at least, Adrian insists.

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Hanli Prinsloo said...

Haha! Very funny indeed Daan, Hannelie and that night of the party... Hmmm... your imagination is superb!! ;) Miss you here!