Friday, December 31, 2010

lessons learned in 2010

1. When one door opens, my nephew is probably behind it


2. Holding a stick can make you so happy your eyes will cross

cross eyes jeeves

3. i heart toilet seats

i heart toilet seats

4. My cousins heart each other

piet and jaap

5. With good friends, you don't need noseclips


6. And good friends don't shrink from being tumble dried

tumble dried friends

7. But they might not all appreciate my friendly bum-patting


8. Alcoholism isn't restricted to humans


9. Dressing up to go down is fun


10. Freediving isn't at all extreme, compared to

wall of death daredevil

11. Peter Boivie is Swedish Rockstar of the year

Peter at computer

12. Loveliness is close to saintliness


13. My true love is Golden

molly the golden

14. Marc is an extremely cool cat

Poseidon, by Georgina

15. Not all sheep are sheepish

not all sheepish

16. A plant will beat a dragonfly in an arm wrestling match

red dragonfly armwresteling green plant

17. The devil's pulpit isn't a good place to do a sermon when you have vertigo


18. At the end of a day, a sunset can warm your heart no matter how big of a cliche it is



sunset and rain over Gullmarsfjorden

In loving memory of Oekie, Johan and Nanky Pooh

nanky pooh on the move

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