Sunday, April 17, 2011

apology to emperor Johnston

This will not be so much a retraction of the previous post about his royal highness emperor Johnston -he is, after all, our universal ruler and benevolent leader- it is more of an addendum to it. Factually correct though the elder post is, it seems that the pictures used in the post were, let's say, less than flattering. This was delicately pointed out this morning, when his feline divinity awoke the author of said post by transferring his svelte yet surprisingly dense 20 pounds through his regal claws into an area of the poster that wasn't designed for this particular type of pressure (nor this type of kitten).

He has made his point(s), for the truth is, he is a magnificent beast

johnston in door

who takes the gravitas of his position with grace

johnston contemplating


and though the pressures of ruling this world might make him seem aloof

johnston from behind

johnstons moustache

and though he might be a little overly fond of the feeding bowl

johnston at dinnerplate

he is a strikingly handsome kitty -eh, emperor

johnston green

whose balls should never be the object of one's attempt at humor if one values his own.

All hail magnificent Johnston!

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