Friday, February 24, 2012

Georgina and the many shapes of the Blue Hole

Igor Liberti told me about this spot in the Blue Hole, where you can take enormous overview pictures of the whole thing (when the conditions are clear and the visibility is good). He's taken so many great pictures there that they're calling it Iggy's spot. I went down there to take pictures of Georgina a couple of days ago, and what struck me -once i got over the slightly scary doomy feeling of having a massive stone roof hanging over your head at 15 meters deep- are the shapes the hole can make. From some angles it's almost square

georgina and the whole hole

but it can also be oval

georgina and the ring 2

and there even are triangles

georgina in the dark blue

i adore Iggy's spot now, for its mystical, slightly gloomy character, and that sense of almost ghostly space and light it can give you. Hope you enjoy the set

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