Monday, February 6, 2012

paradise and sharks

Paradise is hardly an absolute term, isn't it? For me it constitutes this:

blue hole from above

but for my sister, with who i share essentials like eyebrows and sense of humor, that dark hole would represent hell -especially if she knew that a barracuda lives there. That same mean looking bugger only enlarges my joy of the place.

She would very much enjoy the other side of the Blue Hole -most would, i'd imagine

other side of blue hole

but then there are people who love the snow and ice covering most of Europe right now, and would be bored beyond tears here.

And then there's sharks. Some of my best friends refuse to go swimming in any open water type environment because they have nightmares about sharks. First time i ever saw a shark in the water, i swam straight at it to investigate. It's not that i'm brave or stupid (well, that's up for debate, actually), they just don't strike me as dangerous. You pick up on vibes from animals, they're honest in their postures, and sharks are really good at telling you what's up. So when i saw these guys in the water a couple of days back, all i felt was thrilled and honored. Check out how fluidly they glide and how delicately the light plays with their skin

So for me, sharks belong in paradise. But more importantly, they belong outside paradise as well, and there they are being hunted. They have a vital function in the sea, besides being beautiful and majestic, and need all the protection they can get. If you have a moment, please help protect sharks:


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