Friday, April 6, 2012

Kingston Sound Communities

learning the triangle

Last month i was involved as a photographer in the Kingston Sound Communities project, a series of introductions to music for various communities within Kingston. The groups were as varied as the borough itself: there were kids, elderly, people with additional needs, women only, mixed groups -a celebration of diversity. The project was set up by Kim Perkins, a fantastic community musician, who led the groups along with Roshi Nasehi, Kirsty Williams and Phil Mullen, in cooperation with Kingston Adult Education.

It was a great joy to do -from being on the floor with the kids to laughing with the people with additional needs to seeing the adult choirs slowly getting comfortable singing together. It culminated in a wonderful concert

kirsty's group

and an exhibition, opened by the Deputy Mayor and all (fancy fancy), currently going on at Kingston Market place till april 10th

the competition

where Thomas, one of the volunteers, reinforced that old truism that people will always look for themselves first in pictures

thomas checking himself

For those who can't drop by, but still wanna check it out, some of the work is here

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SeBiArt said...

congrats on your first exhibition Daan!! And with such a worthy purpose attached. Smiling from glee AND pride. I have tremendous respect for this. Keep on. Keep on.