Monday, April 9, 2012

new world record: the Hecto-Feet-First

It has been a while since i did my last world record, mostly due to the extensive press tour afterwards, but also because of a lack of challenges: it appeared no one was able to eat an apple or take superman pants deeper. In these demanding categories, human kind had reached the edge of what was possible at this time.

So it was once again up to me to set myself a new challenge. My friend William Trubridge had done a fun little dip with a project he called 'the hectometer'

but i figured: "Why stop at meters? Why not feet? And then, to make things really interesting, why not flip the whole script and go feet first?"

As usual, they said it could not be done. But i say it can be Daan! (though my publicist insists i really shouldn't say that) So i went for it: the Hecto-Feet-First. I trained and trained until i had athlete's feet (once again, for some reason, my publicist objects to this term) and felt as ready as could be for this monumental task -never before had man been in this position, so you're never sure if you're actually ready. But late february 2012, on a little island in the Bahamas, new territory of human potential was about to be uncovered:

It was a resounding success, not only of athleticism, but of grace and camera-angles.

As always with these awe-inspiring feats of feet, i hope to entice the world to rethink boundaries, to push limits, to go beyond the comfort of the usual. What else can we do feet first? What else can we do in reverse?

Flip the script, my friends, and you'll get, ehm, tpircs, written upside down.

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