Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peter B does London

I don't want to brag -but i'm gonna. I have some of the most extraordinary friends: philosophers, gardeners, world champions, DJ's, builders, bee keepers and rock stars. One such rock star, Swedish tallest a cappella singer Peter B, came to visit, and we had the kind of debauched week you'd expect from such a tour, which was entirely Freudian

ceci n'est pas une symbole phallique

He was here to enjoy the season, but screw springtime

screw springtime

Rock stars like him like getting high

peter b and shard

and doing lines

peter b in triangle

peter b surveys london 2

lots of lines, to the point of exhaustion

peter b leans

and some problems unmentionable, resulting in a quick dash to the clinic

peter b in a hurry

so we ended the trip resting in the country with some groupies

peter b and george and ba and bonningtons

and soaking in some culture from lesser rock gods

peter b and v and a

Next time i'm going on tour with him i'm packing an underwear-proof umbrella.