Wednesday, April 3, 2013

two videos from the Great Northern

Last month i was at the Great Northern comp in Liverpool, as the UW photographer. I also shot two videos there, of my friends Eric van Riet Paap (Mr Van) and Mateusz Malina (Mr Mat Malina Mr Mad Mat Malina). Both videos ended up being edited by someone else, in Mr Van's case by Mr Van, and in Mat's case by the organizer of the event, and i like both videos a lot. What i like most about these collaborations is that they end up in a completely different way than what i would have done, and i like this difference.

Here is Mr Van's dynamic -i was very happy to see him turn at 150 and keep going:

And here's Mat's effort -he has the record for longest dive recorded, i think it was a 4:45 to 100 something in Free Immersion, so i knew he was going to take his time, and lord in speedo's did he ever:

And here are my photo's:

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