Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a dive with lovely

There was a competition in Namur last sunday, and these Belgium comps are notorious, not just for being the scene of the first ever Constant Apple world record, but also because they involve 3 disciplines in about 3 hours and that makes them deadly. Plus it's not the most forgiving of pools, with an ever-changing profile, very shallow turn at one end and weak lines that will not support a diver's weight, so going in you know it's going to be tough. Adding to these difficulties was my digestive system, which had been varying between moaning and screaming at me for about a week, and i wasn't really in the mood to max, so i created my own extra drama as well.

On a huge plus side, my lovely girl had come over to compete and be supercoach. She helped me get to a 5:11 static where i normally would have given up at 3 (constant mental battle is very tiring) and convinced me to do a dynamic despite my whining. I did a quick 101 to get it over with, bad result but good to get over myself. She managed to do a 5:40 and almost immediately after a 75 dynamic, despite no preparation and having to borrow weight and fin from the previous competitor. So far things were going a bit rough.

But then we were up for no fins together

photo by Danny Martherus

and the light in the pool was all pretty, and standing next to all this loveliness, i felt suddenly relieved in a non-smelly way, and decided to go for a good technical dive:

Lovely did a PB with a 62 meter dive which proves she can do no fins and do a lot more. She ended up with a silver medal for her static, and i with a gold for the no fins, although in the overall results, i was ruthlessly beaten by Danny Martherus (and 3 others), on whom i'd declare war but he's way too nice and he shot the picture and the video of lovely and me. That's him next to me, with a silver medal for no fins -he's too pretty to beat


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment Daan, I guess then there are two good looking guys on one photo!! Had a great time meeting you and your lovely and sorry to beat you with just 0,3 points and as you said, that's a turning point next time! Untill we meet again......Si vis pacem para bellum! Greetz..Danny