Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the extraordinary Mr Van

This is Mr Van

Mr Van

He does extraordinary things; he can hold his breath for more than 8 minutes, he can swim 200 meters underwater with a bigass fin, and 155 without it. By being so extraordinary, he singlehandedly raised the level of Dutch freediving. But what is truly great is that quality extraordinary people have: he makes it look easy. Check out what he did today, just for fun

Much like laughter, and a bit like yawning, extraordinary feats and people inspire extraordinariness. A man like Mr Van inspires not just by what he does, but how he does it, because it might seem easy but it actually is very hard and he works really hard at it. He got good, he got better, he got extraordinary. Inspirational man, Mr Van.

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Lo said...

Freedivers Dutch are often extraordinary. But it's true that Mr. Van is a step above.
I would love to come train with you one day but 1. it's far from my house, 2. I do not speak Dutch or English. :s ;)
But continue to make good video. ^^