Friday, March 18, 2011

park-side observations from a pre-pensioner

After a particularly unsuccessful day of trying to get an actual job, i went to the park to watch the birdees and take an advance on being a pensioner in 30 years orso. I thought it would be relaxing, and it was

ducks in pond

till these punks flew in

ducks landing

and some more dropped by

ducks landing 2

and they started chasing each other

ducks on the move

and before i knew it, i found myself photographing what can only be described -i'm sorry- as a duck gangbang

duck gangbang

Now i grew up reading Donald Duck, and that magazine doesn't feature this kind of behavior (i think the magazine that does has a humorous variation on the word 'duck' in the title), so i felt slightly queazy and a bit dirty (not in a good way), but thankfully this guy broke them up

on the line

after which the seagulls got over their embarrassment and came back

seagull fly-by

seagull in flight

but the flock of pigeons -a perverted bunch- were disappointed and took off


and the calm returned

blooming wheeping

I love springtime, but next time i see ducks, i'll focus on something else -seeing Daisy being treated that way is a bit shocking

droplet of spring

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