Friday, April 5, 2013

standing in mid air

It's a bit of a theme this week how some work seems to wait for context before it can be published. In this case, i have a collection of portraits of women underwater, and because i love the contrast of normal clothes out of the ordinary environment, i always like to photograph people with their regular clothes on, instead of wetsuits. Wetsuits do look good underwater, but they also make everyone look the same. Plus it is a challenge for me as an underwater photographer to get the skin tone right; when you get it right, nothing looks better than that refracted light on skin. So now i'm building up this collection but other than the theme of women in regular clothing underwater, i haven't got the final element yet.

That is, until i hear the song 'Mid air' by Paul Buchanan. He used to be the lead singer of a band called the Blue Nile and they had a song 'Let's go out tonight' which was remixed by Craig Armstrong and then used in the series 'Six feet under' etc etc, in any case, when a new album by him is coming i check it out immediately -he's got a great voice. And this song instantly invites me to see women, underwater.

I love editing to music, it gives such rich context and almost obvious structure, and i get slightly obsessive with songs anyway, so i listen to them incessantly, which is what you need to do when editing. The song fit the images, or the other way around, in any case, after a lot of clicking it clicked. Hope you enjoy as much as i did the process of making it with all these fantastic women. For best effect, please watch in HD.

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Silly Little Sheep said...

Great photos, Daan! Posing in clothes underwater is great fun, that is, if the model is not drowning in a too-long skirt like me.