Friday, April 23, 2010


Yes, more dandelion pictures, even though every other picture taken this week seems to be of these fuzzballs. But you know, they're really fun to photograph, because of their roundness

dandelion sky blue

the way they play with light,

dandelion dark

and their texture,

dandelion flare diagonal

Plus they're a good excuse to lay down in the grass.

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SeBiArt said...

its just awfully cute and wonderfully inspiring how you keep walking around with your camera shooting stuff. i'm often mired in twisted thoughts over my project ideas - which give me utter fulfillment when I actually get around to shooting them - but in the meantime I never bother to just take calm breaths with the extended nose of my lens. bless you little seer, bless your love of snapping away.

oh and them damn daan damn-delions do look fun to shoot. like the blue one.