Sunday, April 11, 2010

on the solidity of rock

Though i do have a stone floor and its temperature and texture do annoy me, i am in general a fan of the material -just not as in-house floor covering. I think an aspect of it is under-represented in language, though, in expressions like 'stone cold' and 'rock hard'. I mean, yes, if you're gonna hit the road

on the road

it's obviously gonna hit back, but the point is

the stone has a point

that it depends on the arrangement and placement of the stones. They can be uninviting to the touch

pointy stones

yet in the same light seem soft, and even quite sexy

kinda sexy wall

But in the end, whether they be warm or cold, hard or soft, they are part of what protects us from further harshness and cold, part of our foundation. That part is expressed in our language only by this: it's rock solid.

famile alley

But rock rocks, it should have a verb... wait. Ehm, right. Well, rock on, then.

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