Friday, June 29, 2012

Cretan critters

forgot to blog about the fantastic beasties of Crete, but there were plenty. There was your regular beach bum

beach mop

fleeing from the sun was sergeant Pooper

sergant pooper

and the David Bowie of cats

red cat blue eye

plus this guy you wouldn't want to mess with

tomcat on roof

lest you'd wanna end up looking like this

cat after fight

then there was the Tom Cruise of crickets

cricket impossible

who says hi, by the way

cricket says hi

the insects were impressive, not just by size, but also because they made it all the way to the middle of the ocean. This is a mosquito from below in the sea

mosquito from below

and we had a brief visit in the blue sea by the blue dragonfly, who sang about how Mrs Blue Dragonfly treated him badly

dragonfly and the mighty fuzzball

but i was most impressed -perhaps slightly obsessed- by the swallows, who did this low flyby thing

low flying swallow

low flying swallow 8

maybe to practice ringing the doorbell of the ENT when they have trouble swallowing

swallow about to ring doorbell

and then at the end of the day they came to the pool for a dip

dip and swallow

fantastic place, Crete, with some fantastic beasties.

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Silly Little Sheep said...

The cricket is an Egyptian locust (Anacridium aegyptium) and is quite nice fried :) You should have tried, Daan :)))