Saturday, June 2, 2012

life at the 5th Mediterranean World Cup

There's a wonderful strangeness in the air and water here in Myrtos

spac attack

remy and bubble rings

the sea is its usual fantastic blue and filled with golden rays


the line and the blue

but the fins are on fire and the socks stripy

fireblades and stripey socks

and the monofins bend in odd angles

irina and the v-bend

george and odd angles of fin

the noodles go on forever

stuart on his noodle

and the fish have a foot fetish (fetfish?)

fishees at feet

all this strangeness has people contemplating

sheffield steel contemplating

george on buoy

and turned very French Aurore into Japanese Aulole


it makes Irina kiss the horizon

irina kisses the horizon

whereas Leila started licking it

leila has a happy girlfriend

and i invented a variation on the mouthfil

two oranges up me nose

Olga is playing hide and seek

olga hide and seek

and Sergio found his smile again

sergio found his smile again

so even though there's the usual going down a line

down the line

le borel olive

leila descends

and coming back up

rockstar ascending

yaron ascending

stuart pulling up

there's an added happiness to it

le borel et l'umping de la ligne

some say it's because of the ice cream,  which is so good even zombies like it

zombies like icecream

but the swallows tell me it has to do with the water

swallow dancer

and the dust tells me it has to do with the air here

message in the dust

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