Monday, June 11, 2012

Cornelis Verhoeven and Ischa Meijer

11 years ago today my father died. To commemorate him, i've translated an interview from 1991, when he and violinist Vera Beths were guests at Ischa Meijer's talkshow. I remember going there quite well, sitting in that audience and meeting Ischa -who was tiny but much kinder that you'd expect from his interviews. But i didn't remember anything that was said, so when i saw the interview again a couple of years ago, i was mostly struck by a moment 4 minutes and 40 seconds into the video -there's a moment when he's so totally unguarded himself, that i found myself watching those 2 seconds over and over again. On later viewings i was also struck by what he said about being edified (22:08). And i still giggle when he pokes Ischa -a notoriously teasing interviewer- back by saying "Next time you read Plato" (6:50) like it's something you do daily.

It's strange how it's already 11 years -feels much shorter, and at the same time, like a lifetime ago.

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Eric van Riet Paap said...

Passion runs deep in your family.