Wednesday, June 20, 2012

last day in Crete

It was all about filming. A French crew was there

cameraman and buddy

documenting Guillaume's every move

filming guillaume

gui and crew

and rightfully so, for he's our golden boy

gui from below 2

but then Tranny got all petulant because he didn't get enough attention

tranny in the mist

so Rémy filmed him too

remy filming tranny

and on the boat i told him he could have a nice strawberry lolly once we reached the shore, which placated him

with tranny
picture by Chloé Villaume

but then Gui got all jealous

guillaume kicks

so we gave him some oxygen, which turned him back into his usual rockstar self

guillaume rocks the decompression line

it's strange to see how the TV crew transformed people, though; Tranny became Mr Showbiz

tranny plays the snorkel

Chloé turned into a man backwards

chloe transformed

but Gui remained his cool self

guillaume orange glasses

stars are used to the gaze, i reckon.

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