Monday, July 16, 2012

the Riddick moth

So yes, i came across that alien from that Vin Diesel movie today, what's it called again, where he plays a strong-but-silent type? Wait, that doesn't narrow it down... He's an ex-convict? Still doesn't narrow it down, does it. Ehm, so, yes, alien, he kicks ass, has funky goggles, plays a dude called Riddick? Nah, not the chronicles one, the one that's less pretentious, more full-on unashamed B-movie. Featuring this monster:

riddick moth

So i was all meeting it head-on, like in the movie, cos he can't see right in front of him with the big wide head thing

riddick moth 2

turns out he ain't aggressive at all -kinda like a hammerhead, only then even more alien (go figure)

riddick moth 5

Somebody needs to tell Vin about this. What was that movie called again?

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Sanne Buurma said...

It was called Pitch Black (

Nice pictures indeed and the resemblance is awesome!