Monday, July 23, 2012

safety freediver course

Stavros Kastrinakis, Liv Philip and i organized a safety freediver course this weekend in London. It is a new course, based on our experience as safety divers, and this was its first outing. It was a great success, in that we had a nice group of people (and Gary)

safety course

we managed to convey some technical aspects, like a good grip on an athlete (or how to shut up Liv)

how to shut up liv


let the students perform tons of rescues

rescue 2

safety 1

rescue 4

rescue 6

did rescue breaths -some professional

rescue breaths

some less so


but what was most impressive was that i was repeatedly rescued by a girl half my size (literally) -while i was wearing 5 kilos of lead and fully exhaled. Massive respect for Becky, who has only been diving for a very short time.

becky rescues me

She proves that being a safety diver expands your freediving -it shows you how much more you're capable of.

Plus, also the mark of success, we had fun

gareth lounges

and we had beauty

george semi-seated

PS if i seemed harsh on Gary earlier, it's only cos i is well jealous he is so pretty, innit

gary is pretty

he also took some of the pics here. Surprising, for this is what usually happens when you give him a camera

gary says hi again

gary says hi

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Anonymous said...

Shame I couldn't make it on Sunday :( but I'm pleased I did the first part. You all are fantastic people and friends to dive with.