Monday, July 23, 2012

olympic torch in Tooting with Jordan Dalrymple

After a visit from a fiery fuzzball from Greece this weekend, today we got a visit from some other Greek flame: the torch went by right near our house.

jordan dalrymple jogs

Carrier of the torch was a man with a beautiful name and an even better smile, Jordan Dalrymple

jordan dalrymple and flame

the flame was passed to him by Peter Crammer -and about a zillion bodyguards

peter crammer runs

but the passing of the flame was very sweet and no body needed guarding


passing the flame to jordan dalrymple 2

the police was obviously present

police van

but they seemed to be enjoying the event too -here they are asking Tim Henman for a picture

tim henman

tim henman poses with cops

but really, it was far too nice a day to be running with a flame. These people had the right idea and took their bicycles instead

entourage on bicycle

1 comment:

Sam Kirby said...

wow that red haired police lady was with the flame in Cornwall too. Hope she has run all the way : )